Renee Mollitt - Artist
Mixed Media Visual Artist

After years of dabbling sporadically in pottery, jewellery design, photography, and briefly in music, I finally found a passion for art through drawing. What followed were several years of creative drawing and acrylic painting lessons. With guidance and impassioned tutelage, artistic desires had finally been awakened in me and I now continue on a creatively stimulating path. My artistic direction has changed over the years and continues to change and grow as I acquire new knowledge and abilities and as my personal edges get smoothed by life’s unexpected turns.

I derive my greatest creativity through my love of nature and passion for gardening but never tire of doing portraits of my daughter. For the past couple of years I have had great fun experimenting with texture through mixed media and am always looking for new ways of introducing recycled materials into my paintings.

Renee Mollitt - Visual Artist



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